Who sees to the food ? Do you know ?

@tudors (1556)
February 27, 2009 7:06am CST
Something very unsual about lions is that they hunt in groups, while other cats don't. Group hunting is beneficial to lions because it means tht larger prey can be captured. and it also means that less energy is needed during a hunt. There is a standard pattern to the hunting process. The whole process is initiated by a single female, who stations herself at a raised location to serve as a lookout to spot potential prey. Once the prey is spotted, a group of young lionesses advances on and pushes the prey in the direction of a different lioness who has hidden herself downwind. It is up to this hidden lioness to choose the weakest member for the kill. She knocks the prey to the groud and breaks its neck, so the process is done.
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• Spain
19 Nov 09
Now, I differ with you. Yes, there is a lead female but she's the one who singles out the prey and initiates the kill, the 'mob' then come in and bring it down. A fantastic animal, nevertheless.