when life becomes tough

February 27, 2009 7:33am CST
people say life becomes tough when you are as a kid, few say it becomes when you are married or when you are in love. when actually it is? i think life is tough as per the views of people. can you share your experience in this aspect?
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@Dotrex (52)
• Netherlands
27 Feb 09
Well, life has some tough moments. They come at anytime. They don't have to be at a specific time. In my opinion, I think life becomes tough after you get married. People would have to take care of children, work, and many other things.
@elghrasya (502)
• Philippines
27 Feb 09
Life is treating me so badly this past few months but still I thank the lord for giving me this opportunity to enjoy what he had given us. But I agree that nowadays life becomes so tough and the only thing that we can do is to pray to our lord to gave us strenght in our daily lives. And I suggest to all of us that let us live our life to the fullest even we dont have much money the important thing is we are happy with our family and friends and love ones.
@Jae2619 (1484)
• United States
27 Feb 09
I honenstly can't answer that. I honestly think life in general is tough. Everyone has a point in there life that is gonna be hard. What I see as a tough time might not be tough for someone else and vice versa. Some sail threw childhood, and teenage years because they've got someone to help them but once they get married and out on their own, they have struggles with life because they don't have someone always watching out for them, and others don't do so well with childhood and teenage years, but can sail right threw adult hood. It's all about how we as individuals handle things.
@shefalis (81)
• India
27 Feb 09
Life... once born it offers a different meaning to each individual. Every person has to struggle in life to achieve a certain goal, or to make two ends meet, students to pass in an exam...and so on. Life can mever be easy going even for those people who seem to have all. its also the view or perception of a person.No one ever gets what they desire,peple may say anything to satisfy themselves but no one is perfect and so is no life lead by neone.Emotions,fears,struggles,failure,success,happiness,sadness,working,fallin sick..... these are all the ingridients which comprise of this world called LIFE.