Falling in Love?

@markas (22)
February 27, 2009 12:39pm CST
When do know you are falling in love? Is when someone smiles at you or if you are a man like me,you discover that you seem to always differ with this one lady,for whatever reasons you seem to be crossing paths,finally you both discover you are in love.Atleast for me relationship start up that way,what's your experience?
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@Pleiades (847)
• United States
27 Feb 09
First off, congrats on this feeling. I am not a man like you, but I can give you from a man's perspective of what love feels like because my boyfriend and I write emails all the time to each other. He told me that he's never felt so safe and secure with a woman like me in a long time and I feel the same. When he wakes up in the mornings, he smiles knowing there's someone like me out there just thinking about him as he's away in Iraq. But, I think the biggest thing to letting you know that you're falling in love is when you can't stop thinking about that person. It seems that no matter where you are or where you look, you can almost imagine yourself with that person. You wait and long for that phone to ring, hoping it would be them. Little things they say and do are remembered by something someone else does. My boyfriend and I certainly did not start off all lovey dovey. It took us six years and the realization that we're tired of being crushed by others in the past. I'm older than he so there's that maturity level he's looking for. I need someone who can react with my 12 year old son. But, what makes our relationship different than the rest is how casual we can be. There ARE men that can just lay next to me without wanting more than just...cuddling. *Pleiades
@markas (22)
• Zambia
1 Mar 09
I cant more,i think you have just summarised my thoughts, thanks.