Download free e-book

Kuta, Indonesia
February 27, 2009 6:05pm CST
Hi my friend. I want to know , where we can download free e-book ? I need this because in another site have contest to edit and create a unique picture with one theme.and I not prefer use photoshop. so I want learn photoshop and I need e-book tutorial about photoshop. can you tell me where I can download the e-book ? thanks you
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@daneg33 (1131)
• Canada
28 Feb 09
Do you mean a free program to create an ebook? If so, there is a link to a free ebook creator here:
• Kuta, Indonesia
28 Feb 09
I mean e-book of tutorial photoshop. By the way , thanks for your info
@wishnew (68)
• India
28 Feb 09
i think u get in free or use one i suggest is
@amitavroy (4824)
• India
28 Feb 09
Firstly I would like to share that although it books may be illegal to download from the Internet but one thing is for sure that if we are not making money out of it by selling them or by renting them plan it should be made illegal because there are a lot of students everywhere who are willing to learn from such good books but because of the high price of such books it is not always as easily available for every section of the people. Whereas e-book can be a very good solution to them. It is heavy to carry and you can leave it on your laptop at your own convenience which are some of the very popular advantages of the books. But personally if you ask me I never felt very much comfort able with reading electronic books instead of taking a book in my hand and then reading it. Maybe it is my mindset problem but if I can do that then definitely I have a lot of books to refer which are of very great and very real in the market and if I try to spend some money on these books I will not be able to do so