one child policy

February 28, 2009 12:26am CST
are you in favor of one child policy?support your answer
3 responses
@maximax8 (28249)
• United Kingdom
28 Feb 09
I can understand that the Chinese government realizes it has a huge population and the one child policy is trying to reduce the number of people in China over a long period of time. It seems harsh to me because often pregnancy is a surprise and I think abortions are sad. I think that the policy is enforced in the large cities like Beijing but it is more relaxed in rural areas. I am not in favor of the one child policy but I can see why it is in place.
@jhenn22 (1243)
• Philippines
28 Feb 09
I am not in favor of one child policy. I don't think that the government should tell someone to only have this or that. I guess it's the family's responsibility and be responsible on how many children they want.
@bbsr13 (4198)
• India
28 Feb 09
Hello! We are at present going through economic crisis.In this situation both husband and wife prefer to work hard for earning money for their living.In such circumstance if you have many children you may not be in a good position to finance for studies of your children.So these days young couples prefer to have one child instead of many.By adopting one child norm they are contributing a lot to the nation and to the world for being over populated.thanx.