New Moon movie.

United States
February 28, 2009 4:12am CST
i love the books. i've read them many times like anyother Twilight fan. i also was very excitied about seeing the movie. its was good but not what i was excepting at all. Should i go see the new moon movie or will it be a dissappointment like the first movie? Or should i not put the movies and books in the same catagory as each other?
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• Australia
11 Mar 09
for me i put the books and the movie into seperate catagorys. coz i love the books and the movies could never be as good. but they did an excellent job with twilight, coz just think about it they had to put a 500 page book into a 100 page movie scrpit. so of course there gonna have to cut some things out. but i still love it...
@jlamela (4909)
• Philippines
2 Mar 09
New Moon will be shown on World theaters on November 2009 according to the press release of Summit Entertainment. They will start shooting this month (march, their locations are in the United States and Italy (because of the Volturi scenes where Edward sought the help of this royal family of vampires to kill himself when he falsely believed Bella had kill herself). Well, I read the book also and it is more interesting than the first series, well I hope the movie will be as good as Twilight too, it will be directed by handsome young director named Chris Weitz of the America Pie fame.
• Australia
2 Mar 09
It's not even out yet is it? But I know it's definetly coming out soon. :) They say the books will always be better, but if your a Twilight series fan, then you should go see the movie, you might like it.