love the environment.

@laiza14 (593)
February 28, 2009 6:12am CST
there are such things that are so easy to say, and you would like to do right after watching an inspiring environmental seminar/show. but, how would you react with what's happening to mother earth? will you just stand there and wait the world to die? or make a change?
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@simonelee (2718)
• China
27 Oct 09
Hi,laiza. We can't just wait and see whats gonna happen next? If we don't take such action it will always "us" will suffer. We, people, are the one who are responsible of our environment and we are the one should be blame why all this calamities and disasters are happening. So, it is only "us" who can save the mother earth. When I was still studying I don't really care much about the environment but when I saw rapid changes in our mother earth I become careful on disposing our garbage, saving electricity and started planting trees and sharing it to others. With those little ways I can save the earth(at least delay the destruction).
@syjilove (10)
• China
27 Apr 09
Environment is our home life, the threat of our life environment is threatened, when we live environment with conflict, we will protect the environment, I believe that earth will make such every move.
@underdogtoo (9599)
• Philippines
28 Feb 09
People are destroying the earth with the way they abuse it. I do everything to restore the balance of the earth by using natural methods of farming and bringing back the power of nature. Cheers!!
@kquiming (2999)
• Philippines
28 Feb 09
i'd do something about it, but for me, the challenge here is, to get others do the same. some people just don't care, and don't take you very seriously right? But i am doing my part, contributing to the work of preventing global warming and stuff relating to mother earth and saving the world... cheesy as it sounds it's real and it's serious, and scary too.