What is your secret dream job?

@Anne19 (300)
February 28, 2009 10:54am CST
When I was young I always wanted to be nun. As I grew up and started telling it to my friends, they just won't believe me. They said it just doesn't me and they can't picture me as one. So it's no longer a secret at all....lol, but I've already stop talking about it so you might as well consider it a secret once again...lol :) How about you what is your secret dream job?
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@bjcyrix (6910)
• Philippines
15 Apr 09
I really dont keep it a secret but I dont tell it to people also so there are only a select few close friends who knows about these dream jobs of mine. Yes, jobs as in plural. Its free to dream right? The first dream job would be becoming a writer. Not just school paper writing but real up to that journalism level kind of writing. I dont mind writing fictions though since I only have my thoughts with me and those are mostly composed of fictional characters and or events.LOL The second dream job is a photographer. I want to travel the world and capture the essence and life of people, places and things on film. Witchcraft is not involved in that comment.hehehe I just want to bring out the best of all things, especially those perceived to be ugly, and make people not just look at face value but look at what could be hidden underneath. The third is being a psychologist. Im really fascinated by the workings and trappings of the mind, brain, and human thinking. It is what orders the body to behave a certain way. Maybe even go beyond the corporeal aspects and delve into ethereal things. Well, these are jobs that I really wanted to have or really wanted to be but as reality dictates. Those are only dream jobs. Well, its free to dream anyways so I dream away.
@gracie04 (4555)
• Philippines
28 Feb 09
When I was younger, i wanted to be a secret top agent.. i wanted to be like alias(jennifer garner).. =) or an investigator like the ones in CSI.. i don't know, i just find those jobs quite challenging for me and i wanted to be able to solve crimes with the help of my innate skills,