Auto Mechanic VS Aircraft Mechanic

@CRIVAS (1820)
February 28, 2009 12:01pm CST
Did you know that an auto mechanic is paid better than an aircraft mechanic? My husband recently told me this interesting little bit of information. He believes that it has to do with demand, there is a much higher demand for auto mechanics than there is for aircraft mechanics. I think that this is pretty strange, especially when you consider what an aircraft mechanics job entails. Did you know that? Do you think that this is fair? Why do you think they get paid more? Do you think my husband is right about the demand for one being higher than the demand for the other?
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@nsj947 (284)
• India
3 Jun 10
I guess that's not correct. Just take an example of pilots and drivers. Theoretically drivers are in more demand than pilot( thanks to the growing automobile industry).So will it mean that drivers are more paid than pilots,no,right. We all know that pilots are more paid than driver.It has nothing to do with the demand, rather it depends upon the cost involved in training a driver and training a pilot. So I guess and I'm sure that auto mechanics are paid less than aero mechanics,and your husband is wrong.