What makes myLot worth it for you?

United States
February 28, 2009 4:33pm CST
To be honest, this site doesn't pay very well. If I've answered 24 questions for a grand total of 21 cents, that comes down to less than a penny per question. That's not a lot. It's not like it doesn't take up time either. Answering those 24 questions took around 20 minutes, meaning if I kept it up, I would get $.61 per hour. That's a pretty pathetic figure. So my question is this: Why are YOU personally on myLot? Is it financial? (Am I doing something wrong to earn so abysmally little?) Do you just like hearing other people's opinions? Or... do you have another reason? Discuss. (:
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• Philippines
1 Mar 09
Hey there! You earn less than what you've posted? Those posts must have been poor quality.lol just kidding. Seriously, out of twenty-four posts you only earn twenty-one cents? That's ridiculous. My posts are at least worth one cent but usually it earns me two cents or more per post. I wonder why you earn that so little. Anyways, I'm in mylot to past my time and make use of my time more fruitful during idle times at work. I like hearing what others opinions and views about certain discussions. If I wanna know something I'd ask it here and I get various and different views and answers from other mylotters. Some of them are useful while others were just crap. Also, the fact that you earn something from your posts even if it's not that big. Have a nice day. Happy posting!!
• Philippines
1 Mar 09
Wow! I got a best response in just minutes of responding to this discussion. Thanks man! You make my day right. Happy posting!
• India
1 Mar 09
i feel mylot as a source of knowldge i can find problems and solutions here. One main feature of mylot it pay for every discussion we post that attracts me to mylot.
@deedeehall (1144)
• United States
28 Feb 09
i know it does seem like a little bit of money .i guess every little bit helps.i do injoy the people her it just takes me so long to make any thing i dont have much time.