Is GOMEZ PEER safe to have in your system?

March 1, 2009 12:36am CST
Can anyone advise me if it is safe to download GOMEZ PEER in your system? Because i have opened Mydocuments and seen there no of Temp files were created in Mydocuments. I was woundering that this is all because of Gomez Peer, because i have never seen like this before. Is there any IT expert in Gomez Peer who can advise me, whether it is safe to use Gomez Peer or not. Apart from that i really want to know what Gomez Peer software does in our system. Mydocuments really puzzels me Please please advise. Thanks to all mylotters in advance. Cheers
2 responses
• India
1 Mar 09
its a popular site. So may be its safe. But as i know, its earning rate is so little that, i never had interest to use it. You can try some more sites on my profile. Hope those will help much more than gomez peer.
• Bahrain
1 Mar 09
Hi there, Thanks for the advise i will try and see your profile, if some thing interesting than Gomez Peer then i will delete it. Since i have not received any others response to my questions. Hoping to get some more advises Cheers
• Romania
1 Mar 09
About Gomez PEER,here is my problem: I`m member since nov. 2008; my account remained in Pending status for 4 months. I checked the account to be proper, I think it is. Because of this my ballance is at 0 in every month begin. I contacted the administrators but not receive an answer yet. There is not to much winning here but doing it nothing, it`s good. I don`t know what to do. If somebody knows... please... Thank you !!