So we did our income tax today....

March 1, 2009 12:43am CST
We were only expecting about 1200 back...but we got a nice surprise....3559.00! We are very excited about this amount especially since we were not expecting it at all. So we are going to buy a seocnd hand riding lawn mower for 500, we were buying it anyways but this money really helps! We are also going to pay our 800 dollars we owe towards our washer, dryer, and stove that we recently purchased. Then we will put 1800 in our bank for emergencies, and use the remaining money towards our sons birthday party in July. We want to buy him a swing set since we just bought our house in October, and we now have over a half acre of yard for our son to play on...and lots of room for a swing set. This was very exciting for about you..have you done your income tax? How much were you expecting? What are you going to spend the money on?
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@daneg33 (1131)
• Canada
2 Mar 09
I love income tax time, but only because we get a nice refund. We should be getting about $4,500 back this year. Mostly because of school costs for my husband and the amount of daycare costs I pay each year. If we didn't have two kids, we would most likely be paying, not getting a refund. We plan on buying a used motorhome for camping this year.
• Canada
2 Mar 09
That is great, I would love to own a motor home for camping! That is a great purchase. The same with us the only reason we get money back is because of our son. Thanks for your response. Happy Mylotting
@KrauseHome (35686)
• United States
2 Mar 09
Well, I am not really sure how much we are going to be getting back this yr. as we were waiting for some of the papers the last time I looked at finishing the Taxes, but I guess it is about time to consider thinking about finishing that. We own our place and Property Taxes are due next month so I know some of our Return will have to go to that. Then if we have some left we might try and save it to do something Fun this summer somewhere if we can, and then go from there.