Chick Flick Friday

March 1, 2009 2:51am CST
My daughter is 11 years old, and we ahve been growing into a closer and closer bond than I ever would ahve though possible!!! We are spending more time together doing "girl things" I go out of my way to make sure that we have time together to just talk, to be girls in a house full of boys. One of the newest things that We have incorporated into our routine is Chick Flick Fridays!!! My oldest goes to Youth at the church on friday nights (she goes to Jr.Youth on thursdays) and after he is off and running with his friends. Her and the two little boys and I go and get supper, and movies. We come home and watch the little guys movie while we eat supper, then she helps me clean up and get them into bed for the night. Then we sit down with our chips and pop and watch "chick Flicks" the movies we really want to see that ooze love and relationships and babies etc. Movies that the men in our house will NEVER watch with us!! It is great to bond this way with my girl. I LOVE it and I think it will be a favorite thing to do for many years to come! We also have reading time on the weekends where she, my oldest son and I will read our novels, while the younger two boys look at books and play in their bedroom. In which ways do you, or would you like to bond with your daughter?
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@sunshine4 (8708)
• United States
2 Mar 09
My daughter and I are very close. Her brothers are older ~ the youngest is 6 yrs older then she is. We spend the weekends together as the boys and my husband work. We do different things. We play board games, go shopping, watch movies, bake. At times we get tired of being together all day and go to our seperate rooms ect. She loves to draw and paint, so she will do this when I clean. It is a great feeling being so close to my daughter.
• Canada
15 Oct 12
I have two children and both are girls! We have a lot of fun bonding doing girly things. I too love the closeness that I share with both of my daughters!
• Canada
15 Oct 12
Both of my kids are girls so their aren't any males in the house other than my boyfriend! When the girls and I spend mother daughter time it is usually things like baking, shopping, watching movies, and sometimes we play make-over which is where I do their nails and hair for them. They are 3 and 6 so their isn't a whole lot we can do but we always do something together every day before my boyfriend gets home from work and my oldest gets home from school!