WPM, how many words per minute can you type?

@rin888 (75)
March 1, 2009 5:51am CST
Mine averages out to be about 40, not good but not too bad either, id liek to know yours :)
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@melvill (392)
• Philippines
2 Mar 09
well mine is 38-40 wpm. It is not that fast like others that's why I want to practice my typing ability. I want to type 70 wpm. That's my goal. Hope I could reach my goal in this coming days. Happy mylotting!
• United States
1 Mar 09
I would have to say looking at the keys I am speeding. So that could be a very high number like 50 words per minute. But,not looking at the keys I will be about crawling speed. I can't type fast without looking so who really knows? Not I..
@jshekhar (1563)
• India
1 Mar 09
I hit it to 35 WPM after taking typing classes for two or three days and after that I have been improving all the time. Currently, when I am asked to type all of a sudden, my speed would be at its lowest at around 70 and when I am warmed up enough and when I am "in the zone", it shoots up to 90+. I am not boasting it about myself and do not consider it as excellent, as I know people who can consistently hit the 120 mark. Thanks
@donsky14 (5963)
• Philippines
1 Mar 09
Mine is 74 wpm...it could go higher depending on the situation.
@kquiming (2999)
• Philippines
1 Mar 09
depends on the test really. so i think you can't really tell your exact speed. for me, the easiest tests can give me a really high score, as much as 95 wpm at 99 % accuracy. and the hardest tests scroes me around 47 to 60 wpm at 98% accuracy. there you go...just keep practicing it will improve your speed over time, i started out really slow at typing too when we got our first home computer. that was about like 13 years ago. Yeah, and I still have that Pentium 1 stored away in the room.