What can I do about my anxiety?

March 1, 2009 8:57am CST
I can be almost outgoing at times. If I am in a situation where I feel like I want to make other people comfortable in very sweet and likable because my focus is on someone else. The minute I become aware of my OWN social performance something ticks off in my brain and my nerves grossly over reacts. It is almost like my nervous system is defective and when it senses fear it throws me into survival mode even if the conditions do not call for it. In class when we are having our weekly critiques "I am art student", there is no reason for me to be nervous. There is like 33 people in that class and I am friends with all of them, in able to give good advice when critiquing others, but when I know I am going to have to speak, my body goes into panic mode I have trouble swallowing and breathing, and when my turn comes, I try to say as few words as possible and hope people do not realize I am having a panic attack while their eyes are all fixed on me. Please help, what kind of medication can I take for this. It is impairing my social life.
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