Are you negative enough to ruin yourself? you can be positive then

@Archie0 (4669)
March 1, 2009 10:32am CST
Well people who think they are loosers and can do nothing in life, one who are just negative thinkers and think they are the only one who are on this earth with a bad luck but let me tell you friends you are the best among anyone over here or around you, its all you need is your self confidence trust me you could never see a person as negative as i was, but there is a sudden change in me from past 2 months, i am trying to take over my negative thinking and here i am really conquering things i havent thought of.. its just our own confidence that we throw down, just we stop trying because we failed 99 times trying, hy are we leaving that 100th time lets try that with our whole heart and a full confidence that we can win the lost game and challenge yourself that you can win the world... definetly if you have the urge to conquer your goals there is nothing in your paths that can keep you away from your success .. all you need is the hunger for your aim and success. best luck mylot friends :)
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@nut_nut (251)
8 Mar 09
i love u lol. i love life i love im soooo positive, i do great race for life for cancer is current so im training hard for this... feel free to do somethin else good :p i dont like to be around ppl who are down all the time i dont need bringing down to that level i love to laugh and be happy :)))))) lol life is to short to waste precious moments of it :) we arnt even promised 2moro. make today count! well done for your success so far be a strong person :p mwahhhh