When does one should get married ? jusify tour answer

United States
March 2, 2009 2:28am CST
According to me one has to get married once he get settled in his life financially ......
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• Philippines
3 Mar 09
for me....when 3 things are already met...if couples believe that in their relationship, there is LOVE, RESPECT and TRUST, then i think they are ready to get married....
@SomeCowgirl (32270)
• United States
2 Mar 09
It's not necessarily when a person is financially ready that matters, atleast not to me. I met my fiance and he had no job, he had no source of income at all. I had a source of income, and I did not mind paying for things. He's a gentleman though and wouldn't allow me to. Now, neither of us have the money to get married but we're planning our wedding and believe love conquers over money. We make what we have online, and we still get by. We save and we don't go out, luckily we have his parents to help us, and his mom has helped us a great deal not only financially but also mentally and telling us what we need to do.
• Canada
2 Mar 09
It's different for everyone. I think that people should get married when both people know that it is right for them. I waited till I was 25 to get married, and that worked for me. On the other hand, my sister got married young (she was 19) and things worked out for her too. There really is no right answer to this question. It all depends on the people involved.