you can fight arthritis- and win

March 2, 2009 2:29am CST
Arthritis means "inflammation of the joints".each joint has a normal range of motion by human phy siology. what do you feelabout it ?
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• Philippines
2 Mar 09
I'd like to know what type of arthritis you are referring to. I am interested in knowing how to win the fight against arthritis.
• China
2 Mar 09
WHEN a joint is arthritic, swelling and tissue damage cause pain and stiffiness. the pain is usually activated as a joint a pproaches the limit of its range of motion ( such as when a leg is fully extended in walking), causing the muscles to stop the motion. as the disease progresses, the range of motion is gradually decreased, so that the joint becomes increasingly stiff. THIS also means that the muscles that work the joints are not the exercised, and when muscles are not used, they shrink , causing weakness. Muscle weakness, inturn, increases the risk of injury to the joint and aggravation of the arthritis. another possible side effect of the resulting in activity is loss of bone and in creased risk of fractures.