Did I ruin everything?

United States
March 2, 2009 7:50am CST
There's a guy that I like, and we went out and did a lot of things together... I tried telling him how I felt and all he said was "ok..." I understand he's never been in a situation like this before and wasn't exactly sure about how he'd respond, but I realize that I should've kept my mouth shut. Now I feel that I ruined a good thing by opening my mouth. So much about saying how I felt... Did I ruin everything?
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• China
3 Mar 09
Man always use silence to show their authority in this world, maybe they are not good at communication or they bear more pressure than women, like the promotion,competition in their work,of course, there are other reasons of that kind. So don't worry too much about that,my husband is just this type.He is less involved in the conversation when I try to chat with him on the topic I am interested in or wear something I think great to induce his compliments.My tip is just telling him how much you care him and want him happy.If things goes on,try to keep youself away from him for a little while to leave individual space for yourself,which will make you both see each other more clearly. After all, love bring you together and time will test your relation.
@klaudine (3652)
• Indonesia
3 Mar 09
Well.. I didn't think that you ruined everything by saying what you felt. I mean, if you say it, it means you were trying to be honest at least to yourself. And if it becomes something you don't like, it means he meant nothing to you. I know that you like him a lot but to be honest, even the most ignorant people could react better than just an "okay..." I think you should think about it over again, you didn't ruin anything, you're just making sure that he is into you like you're to him