Funniest things ever happen today.... undergarments mistakenly exchanged

March 2, 2009 12:21pm CST
This is the funniest thing ever happened in my life, let me just tell you guys. Me and my room mate stays in a rent room, one friend came to my room. What happen then my room mate regularly goes to gym, today also after back from the class, at the evening he changes his dress for the gym and he went to gym, at that time when he left the room, friend who came to my room was in the bathroom. I asked him to dress up quickly because we had planned to go the market place and we were already late, so he dressed up hurriedly and we went to market and came back to room. The funniest thing happen when my room mate came back to room from gym, he fresh up himself, put new shirt and search for his undergarment, he goes on searching but couldn't found. He found one undergarment which is just same color, same size to his undergarment but that was not belongs to him, he was very sure of his undergarment. He asked me and friend and knew that this undergarment is belongs to friends and that which he puts was belongs to my room mates. My room-mate shouted angrily but what to do, it was so funny then we all laugh so loudly that our neighbors scream. That becomes so much funny to all of us and we goes on laughing repeatedly. Do you guys ever having similar incidents in your life? Please share..
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