Have you ever had a spiritual experience like me?

United States
March 2, 2009 5:50pm CST
When I was a teenager I had a dream that I was with my family in this house. And they were all talking about material this, material that. And there was a truck outside. I looked up and pointed to the ceiling. And said out loud "what's most important is what's up there". And then I saw when I was pointing in that direction, this shining and glowing sparkling bright white rays coming down and then going back into it's self over and over again. It was so beautiful. I was looking for Jesus in the light but I could not find him. Then I realized it was the Holy Ghost. After waking up from that dream I felt this huge craving for to know more about God and to follow Jesus. This is my spiritual experience. Have you ever had a spiritual experience? If you have could you share it?
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