When I Became an Atheist

March 2, 2009 6:42pm CST
I was 5 when I first questioned the existence of God and the need for Religion... At age 5 I was a 40 year old trapped in a childs body. I loved taking to adults and having discussions and felt bad for the children still worried about when their nap time was. When I was 5 I came down from my room and told my mom that it was not theoretically possible that Santa Clause could exist. A man could just not visit every house of every christian and deliver every single gift. My mother tried to preserve the notion but I wasn't having it so she finally gave in, asking that I only promise to fake it for my brother and sister for a while. I agreed but turned to her and stated, "so Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, Jesus, Leprechauns, and God all are the same thing too and don't exist also." She was shocked that I could somehow confuse Santa and Jesus or the Tooth Fairy and God... She tried to convince me of Gods existence, the best she could, so I simply let her win and concluded that God and Jesus must be characters that adults still believed in. My reasons for my beliefs are my own. I have been an Atheist since I can remember and Love life even more for it. I don't need to hide behind bronze age myths and silly fairy tales like the parting of the red sea or Jonah and the great fish. Better yet, I no longer need to think about or pray to a being who by all biblical accounts is racist, evil, homophobic, genocydil, pshychopathic, and sado-masonistic. I can learn, adapt and change my belifs when new sience becomes available. I can understand the real basis of life and how the world works instead of the ignorant, "God did it" approach. I love my life and feel blessed with the gift of an unshackled mind. I employ all those doubters and even moderately religious people to think logically and free your mind the amazing and awe inspiring reality that is the universe. Thank you for reading!
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