what do you usually do if you cannot sleep well?

March 2, 2009 7:30pm CST
As for me ,i think sleeping is the very wonderful thing to do .When i am off duty and feel tired at this time if i can get a sound sleep on the comfortable bed in a quiet beutiful bedroom i will think as i am a lucky dog,since lying on the bed without anything to bother is fantastic !you know in the city too much noise day after night it is very difficult to enjoy a relaxing sleeping,all the night one can be waken up unwillingly,recently almost every night i can hardly sleep well and will wake up suddenly and then cannot sleep for quite a few hours,during this time the only thing i can do is lying still and think about many things around,cauz i do not wanna disturb others.what do you do if you wake up at midnight and cannot sleep again for a few hours?will you get up and read some book or will you play your computer games?oh ,how long a night it is!
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@falconx (255)
• Finland
6 Mar 09
I play some computer game, read or eat something.
• Hyderabad, India
3 Mar 09
i read books that will help me to get sleep to easily, this is best solution for this one
@myralmedo (815)
• Philippines
3 Mar 09
hi melodyyu :) am super agree i guess i'll choose sleeping rather than eating LOL i can sleep all day long haha :D it's an irritating feeling if in the middle of the night and you want to go to sleep and you can't right? i've experienced having insomnia then... and of course all of my fam members are super asleep and having their dreams already and what am doing anm still awake :D.. i just have online or eat LOL or watch dvds and text someone who's awake too :D thanks for posting!:) happy myLotting!:) Godabless!0=)