Is davinci code is a fact or does it is true statement

March 2, 2009 8:33pm CST
Hello,did anyone know much about davinci it is telling about true history.please share much information about this. When i am checking some on reference books it found true.
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@bubblyapple (2655)
• Philippines
3 Mar 09
If you go to a library, where would you find the "Da Vinci Code" book? In the FICTION SECTION. So it only means one thing, IT IS FICTION! It may sound like it is based on the truth, but keep in mind that the author has to do this in order to make his book more compelling to the reader. The more it seems like it is based on a secret something, the more people would have the urge to buy and read it. The more people buy and read, the more earnings the author would have. So go figure.
• India
5 Mar 09
Thanks for your nice explanations.some other books of dan brown also contains the spirit of true history..i am a first one to mylot though i dont know how to rank
@EMMA221 (27)
• China
4 Mar 09
yes,i have read this novel and also watched this film.And i think some description about the history of religion maybe true,but for the plot of story,i think it is a novle. Thanks &good luck