What made you become a special education teacher?

United States
March 2, 2009 9:03pm CST
What made you become a special education teacher? Did you fall into it? Did you grow up knowing this was the profession you wanted? Did you suddenly have a career change? Was one of your own children in special education? Why do you stay? What brings you to work each day? Share your stories, or as Maya Angelou calls them "Diamonds". My story is simple, I fell into special education. My first teaching post was in a resource room and I honestly didn't know what it was. I was told it was English, which was my bachelor's degree, so I thought "Wow, no sweat". Then I'm handed a case load and IEP's with no knowledge! I honestly don't know how I made it through my first year trying to get into a master levels program in special education, learn the lingo, and figure out if this is what I went to four years of college for. Oh, I had one class in special education as a part of my undergraduate but I didn't think I'd be a "special education teacher". In fact, my goal was to move on with my education and teach English at the college level. It was my students that first year that gave me my passion for special education. I found that so many of them had dreams and goals that were not being given creedance. I felt a sudden calling to make sure they not only received their fair education, but also could go on to do what they wished to do with their lives. It's funny because so much has changed since I first became involved in Special Education, and I think we're moving each year to something better then we had the previous year. I truly did find my calling in life, even if it was not originally what I set out to do. Namaste-Anora
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• Philippines
3 Mar 09
Like you, I used to be in the field of Special Education. I was a graduate of Occupational Therapy but the demands of hospital based therapist is very low in our country. There are openings for school-based OTs though. During my internship, we were trained in various settings including physical dysfunction, psychiatry, pediatrics and community-based. I knew then,I wanted to deal with kids. So I pursued that liking and ended up as a school based OT. The school where I used to teach were in need of more Sped teachers though. I decided to get my masters on Special Ed and take teaching loads. I handled mostly children with Austism. Their innocence exudes that being with them feels like Im touched by an angel. I just felt the thirst to spend more time with the kids and be their teacher too. Each small progress the kids display is like a very big achievement for me. I spent 5 years teaching then we moved to United States. Now I am a stay at home wife and I miss the kids a lot. Maybe someday, I'll go back into that field again. Have a pleasant day!
• United States
3 Mar 09
I'm currently waiting on my certification with this state, and I'm hoping to return to the classroom even part time. I worked primarily with LD/BD, and that is what my current license shall be in. Thanks for sharing. Anora