can you think that india wants one war more against politics Vs goverment serv.

March 3, 2009 1:05am CST
can you think that india wants one more war between indian politics and in services ,because every time politics herts indian public and indian IAS or IPS which wants to work without corruption but political persons interfere always and some criminals are working for some parties and political parties take cares of these criminals or corrupted people so in future i think in next 20 years one war is being held between IAS and IPS and in political criminals. second thing is when goverment hiher a engg. on contract govt. pays nearly 8000 rupees and at the same time political bhaya which is not literate angutha chap or some dhoti criminal bhaya loge always put his hands up in sansad when the issue came up to increse pays of mla's or MPs .what going on in india it is tereble that a engg graduate pay or soilders pay is very less but political anpadh gets lakhs per would indiacte that war is held in next 20 years in between political MPS or MLA Vs IAS and IPS or govt servants.
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21 Aug 10
Not required, war cannot bring any moral or change any one