United States
March 3, 2009 5:57am CST
So I just joined this site where I guess you make money answering questions. Is anybody here a member? What's it like to you and do they actually pay? I see its a nice site but the questions seem way too easy...
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4 Mar 09
Beware of Pickjack!!!!!!! At first it seems like a neat little site, but something is very wrong with Pickjack. They claim to pay you for answering and creating questions, but that does not explain why your money goes down on some days even when you are asking and creating questions. They seem to be able to give you the earnings and then take them back when ever it suits them. As you can see each person who has posted a comment here has said there is something 'not quite right' about their payment structure. In my opinion Pickjack is a big waste of time.
• United States
4 Mar 09
Nobody said anything good about the site so I need to thank everybody who posted so I can now go and erase my account. I don't have time for anymore scams and low-paying sites...
@falconx (221)
• Finland
6 Mar 09
I got paid there (to paypal), $0.40 to be exact. You have to be very active to earn well. But I don't have the time.
@hopejordan (3566)
• Australia
3 Mar 09
hi there ScarletAlston i have never heard of pickjack but people have said things about it but i did not undersatnd what they do take care happy mylotting