How to learn English?

March 3, 2009 9:29am CST
Many teachers said communication with native English speakers is a good way to study English. However,in the most areas of china, students haven't this kind of situation, they can't find any foreigners to talk, they are even scaried to talk in English. Actually i am one of them. so how can we learn it well? it's a big problem for us.
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@zabawaus (1732)
• United States
3 Mar 09
hello, There is a treasure under our hands which is internet, my teachers used to tell me that reading is the best way to learn and improve English, it is not my native language either but i like to read a lot and i believe that it helped me to improve it. This is what i can suggest you to read read read. I also did listen to songs a lot and when i wanted to learn what they are meaning ( because it is pointless to listen a song with out knowing what are they saying ) i checked dictionaries. And never scared to talk with a foreigner , they will not blame you for any thing but you will give them a chance to correct you, this is how you are going to be able to learn it. No embarrassment!!! Have a great day!!!
• China
4 Mar 09
thank you so much!
@elsoft12 (1825)
• India
11 Mar 09
Hello, Learning a Language needs practice with the usage of the language.So if you want to learn english you need to get to know words used and how they are used.And you can try to use the words in your own sentences and communicate with your other mylotters for example.There are several good sites like,with useful tips which can very useful for you.Hope this helps you.Good Luck.
• Romania
5 Mar 09
I'm in the same situation like u my friend , i'm a begginer when it comes to English . I have some tips for you that help me in a way or other , if u want to improve your english , you should not be scared to do it . Here on mylot sure you will improve your english beacuse nobody knows u , and for that reason nobody will laugh at you . To improve your english accent try to speak every day a little bit in enlgish , or try to read magazines, books , all stuff in english , and i guarantee you that it would help you a lot . I hope I was helpful with my tips .