Letting your husband go...

United States
March 3, 2009 4:36pm CST
I know this may sound horrible on my behalf but my husband was having to go to another state for work for, not days at a time, but weeks. I hated having him gone for so long and it took an emotional toll on me and our kids. I literally cried myself to sleep. In the whole time that we have been together, I have never spent, even a night, away from him and then this. It wasn't like he was making a lot of money either, he made the same amount and it was just enough to pay a bill once every couple of weeks. Would it bother you if you husband had to leave to go to another state for weeks at a time? How did/ will you deal with it?
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@daneg33 (1131)
• Canada
3 Mar 09
We have discussed it many times. Since he is a welder by trade, if he went up north he could work and be in camp for a month on, a month off. He could potentially make $145 per hour, so it would greatly benefit us. He has already spent a couple of months the last three years away from home to go to school, because his apprenticeship course is on the mainland and we live on an island. I missed him at first, but I sort of enjoyed my "free" time without him around after a while. Of course, I was glad when he was home, because we all missed him, but sometimes you have to make sacrifices to get ahead.
• United States
3 Mar 09
That would be great if he did make anything extra. If my husband could have a job that benefited us, more like your husband does, I don't think I would have minded it that much but it was actually hurting us him being away because he had to spend more money to drive there, which was not reimbursed through the company. The only thing that company paid for was the hotel room that they stayed in. I am happy to hear that there are much stronger people than I am out there though. It's very difficult to be away from him. He has been my support for years and helped me through a lot of difficult stages in my life. I give you props though.
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4 Mar 09
I wouldn't like it either if I were you. Specially that it is costing you more money with him leaving , and they are sending him away but not giving him more pay. It don't seem fair . With the country in the shape it's in though I think you have to be happy he is working and put up with alot more, because of the times . It's wonderful that you and hubby are soo close. It's sweet that you miss him so much . Do you think that this time away might be good for you though. Maybe it will force you to do things for yourself more , be more independent ? I depend on my husband too much and I know I would be lost without him, and I don't like being that way . Maybe if we had to be seperated I would be forced to do things for myself . As hard as it would be for me. I think I would learn alot from it.