can i have some body toning tips

March 3, 2009 9:18pm CST
these days i ahver become very lazy and it shows on my body too, i would like o get in smar shape, is body tomning exercises enough, please help
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@bombshell (11266)
• Germany
8 Mar 09
doing daily jogging
@alankor (479)
• Singapore
4 Mar 09
actually, being healthy and fit is very simple. the 3 basic things you need to know are exercise,diet and sleep. if these 3 things are in order, then there is no problem with your lifestyle.many people do not read up on exercise and nutritional information and wonders why they looks the same as compared to 1 year is important to read up first before you embark on they say, knowledge is power.
• Canada
4 Mar 09
You need to do some cardio.Run,dance,jump,i don't care but get your heart pumping.Eat lots of good healthy food all day long,like fruit and veggie 3-4 time a day with meal on top of that.Drink plenty of water,tone you abs with some crunch and do butt exsercise.Good luck and remember...nothing come easy,you got to work at it!
• United States
4 Mar 09
well depends on if you want to be strong and fit or just look like you're strong and fit. doing very heavy workouts will increase your strength but have little affect on appearance. If you just want to have an "eye candy" body, do situps and medium weight workouts 3-5 times a week 1-2 hours a day, find a weight range where you can do 30-50 reps with, personally I have two 10 pound dumbells, I do multiple exercises with those its a comfortable weight, it may seem ridiculously light, but lifting 10 pounds a certain way 100 times with no breaks does get exhausting. It has had a significant impact on my physique. light weights also help you if you do something repetitive alot, if you've ever had to mop a floor that was in a huge room you'd know that about half way through your arms get tired, now if you worked the same muscles the same way in your free time, you wouldnt get tired as fast. Hope this helps