Parent Concerns for the Special Education Teacher

United States
March 3, 2009 9:23pm CST
I know this may be opening up a proverbial can of worms, but I think we're all mature enough to discuss this topic with civility. Another thread led me to start one concerning parent concerns when it comes to special education. I am not naieve enough to believe that everything is perfect in the world of special education, it's one reason that made me stay in the profession-a need to change it. However, I would like to believe that there are really truly those that care enough in this profession to listen to our parents' concerns and to help them in every way we can. My hope is that parents can openly and honestly voice their concerns, and that special education educators can openly and honestly respond. I would hope we can do this without pointing fingers. We're both after the same thing-the best environment for the child to be successful. As I mentioned in my other post, I can only respond to the special education system as it exists in America. I've not taught in any other country, but I would hope that other special education educators from other countries would step forward and field questions that may be country specific. I do not claim to know everything. I am a relatively young teacher, having only 7 years under my belt. I'll do my best to research and provide answers, and if I don't know-I'll be honest enough to tell you that I don't know. Blessings and let's get started. Anora
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