Xbox 360 Modding

United States
March 3, 2009 9:47pm CST
A friend of mine recently used a service which 'modded' his Xbox 360. He shipped his Xbox 360 to a man in Ohio who altered his gaming console for him for a $60 + approximately $15 in shipping costs, totaling nearly $75. He now is able to download games for free off of the internet and after burning them to a disk he can use them on his Xbox 360. Most often games are leaked online before they are released to the rest of giving him a head start. He never has to pay for any games. Basically what I wanted to know is if this is a scam or a joke hes trying to pull or if this is actually something that you can do.
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• United States
21 Mar 09
With the level of security on Xbox Live the only way I see anything like this working is if he does not have it hooked up to Live. If I'm not mistaken they can detect modded systems when they are signed on to Live. Plus, I'm sorry, but I'm not sending my 360 to ANYONE except for Microsoft unless the person is buying it from me. I definitely wouldn't be sending it along with $60.
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11 Jun 09
Yeah, they actually released a new way so that it is undectable on Live. Some really wack stuff. People are really getting cheap and what not. Cant afford a game or dont want to spend their money buying games. Sad stuff. Also the part where noobs sending in their 360's and voiding their warranties is quite a laugh once they later on get RROD and don't know how to fix another payment just to fix their xbox to some 3rd party repair place.