The nuclear test done by north korea dont you think it will the global peace?

November 10, 2006 8:34am CST
what do you think , has the recent nuclear test done by north korea left its mark in the global peace process?
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@sweetcakes (3505)
• United States
10 Nov 06
We vigorously protest against today’s test of an atomic weapon by the North Korean government. But contrary to the hypocritical denunciations by the current nuclear powers, we do not just ask for North Korea to immediately cease nuclear testing, we also demand that all nuclear powers dismantle their nuclear arsenals, including; Russia, the USA, China, France, the UK, India, Pakistan and Israel. Today’s test reinforces our conviction to carry out our campaign for global nuclear disarmament. There is no justification for some states to have these weapons of mass destruction while prohibiting others to have them. The present direction will take us, in spite of the hypocritical protests, to a multiplication of countries with atomic weapons, something which puts world peace in danger, including the very survival of humanity. Nuclear arsenals already surpass 30,000 bombs with which the planet can be destroyed 20 times over, and even more worrying, this is in a world experiencing more and more clashes between cultures and religions. As a result, Humanists launched a global campaign for nuclear disarmament in mid September, through our different political, cultural and social action fronts. Among other activities,