what should i do?

March 4, 2009 2:01pm CST
hei .now i am already 20.but still have no girlfriend.i am eager to fall in love with some one ,but also it seems there is no one that can make me fell some thing that verry impressive,or i have the motivation to most of the girl i meet.hahaa,and now i dont know should i trying show my live to some one or just stay at the head! hey,i fill i am at see about this.
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• Philippines
5 Mar 09
waiting is the key for love success. ok i'll share to you some of my love history! my first bf, just leave across the street from my house ... so we grew up together.. when i start going to university we hook up and become bf-gf thing... i thought he will be the one i'll love forever! so we stayed in the relationship for about 5 years.... then after i graduated we broke up.. i was so damn devastated my dreams crashed upon my head. i cried hard ... so hard that i cant even go to work... and then i meet someone 3 months ago. then i realized that i never felt this good and loved by someone. what i felt from my first relationship is just security not love. im happy now! really happy .... so i learned from the past and now im glad that i found the real love of my life!
• China
6 Mar 09
thank for your advice.and after this respounds this is a diary i just writed. it will appear when you least expected it . so don't waste that time on this dully things like seeking for a girl freind . and thank for story.i believe she will apear some day naturally one day/~~~~^_^ thank you!!!!!!!
@stacyv81 (5904)
• United States
4 Mar 09
true love finds you, it will happedn when you least expect it...SO STOP EXPECTING IT!! lol, kidding. but seriously, Just go on with life, and it'll happen. But dont look at every girl as a possibility..GEt to know people, and see what happens... =)
• China
4 Mar 09
haha,may be you are rihgt.i am a bit impatient about my love ,becauses alot of my friends ,even my yonger brother has a girlfriend .but i has'nt.yeah it does not make many sense.may be it will really come when i least expected it .thank for your advice.