Claw clipping

@DCMerkle (1281)
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March 4, 2009 5:22pm CST
I clip my own cats claws and I do it in a very gentle, loving way. Cats do not like having their nails clipped and I have had some cats that will fight tooth and nail not to have it done. If I have a cat that is older, I know that they are not use to me doing their claws, but sometimes I have lucked out because I have had cats that are really pretty good about having it done. For the ones that are not into it, I will wrap them in a towel, pull one paw out and have someone hold the cats head so they can't bite. After every nail that I have clipped, I will kiss their heads and tell then what a good kittie they are being. For the first couple of times, I will only do the front claws until thay are use to having it done. Eventually, I don't even have to use the towel. I always have the treaties ready after a clipping session so they know that they will get it as a reward. For kittens, I try to start clipping them when they are around 3 months old. The claws are very small, but they are easier to clip because they aren't as thick as they get as they get older. I've had some people tell me that I am doing it too early, but all I know is that if they can climb curtains, pants legs and furniture, it's time to clip the claws. How do you go about clipping your cats claws? Is it a big fracas to do it or do your kitties know that it's somethng that has to get done? DO you think that I am clipping them too early? What do you think is the proper age to start clipping your cats claws? DCMerkle
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@ElicBxn (60895)
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6 Mar 09
The roomie holds the cat while I clip (can't do it the other way around since she can't see the nails.) We always do the front nails and sometimes the back ones. We start trimming the kittens as soon as we can, when we had the bottle babies, we were trimming at a month. Mind you, we only "tipped" them until they are larger, but since they climb the roomie's legs and she's got all these scratches on them, we try to blunt them enough to make them somewhat less needle like. So, if you are trimming too young at 3 months - where does that put me? Oh, and I do NOT trim 4 of the cats - the 3 semi-ferals and Chalube, who might as well be semi-feral when you mess with his paws!
@DCMerkle (1281)
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7 Mar 09
Elic, I'd saw that you are braver to be clipping the nails a one month than I am at 3 months. Like I said, if they are old enough to climb pants legs, furniture or curtains, than that's when I clip claws. So, in a nutshell, happy clipping! DCMerkle
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