beaware roudycash is scam...the webmaster show their words below

March 4, 2009 7:38pm CST
read as some one requested the payout but roudycash cancelled the money and then show users to change the paypay account instead alterpay account to request the payount again, then most of the users changed the paypal account and re-requested the payount again, and roudycash shows the payment has sent after several days awaiting, but users had not receive any payment . then users come to there forum and ask the reason also show their afraid of this site whether turns to be scam already, then after a longtimes disappear the webmaster come out and shouted to this user that they really scam to you now, because you said they are scam and they hate impaint person... everyone do not want to wast you time and money please be aware of this scam now.
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