help meeeee !!!

United States
March 4, 2009 7:51pm CST
im live with my grandmother and i swear she has some problems she has to control everything noo matter what and has to blame other people for every ting usually its away me its my fault my brother behaves the way he dose it my fault for this and mine for that im not a bad person im a honor student a volunteer and many peoples best friend she is very demeaning i have very frizzly curly hair and she hates the dark color and thickness of it all my lif she has pressured me to constantly get it straitened and has ben trying to lighten it ever since it was born not that im not little any more and decide my self what to ware what to do with my hair and such she criticizes the heck out of me she calls me a stupid fat poodle my papa has recently come home from the hospital and needs to rest so i try to do all the laundry i can and clean all i can while still geting my home work done and haveing time for my self but this is never enough i could go on forever with this but it has to end some were ii just dont know what to do HELP PLEASE
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