reincarnation, how true?

March 4, 2009 8:48pm CST
I wrote an article about dreams and that I believe that oftentimes, these dreams means something or perhaps a vision of what could happen in the future. I always dream of a guy with no face in my dream. I know that he's the same guy. It's like a story in a movie series. This may sound crazy too you but what I'm telling you is real. I knew and felt even before that I would meet this guy and I waited and finally, he came into my life. He saw me accidentally in the internet while his friend is browsing the net. His friend is a friend of mine in one of social networking sites. But I don't believe in accidents. I know it's destiny. His friend gave him my email address and from the very moment we talked, there's something in me that I could not explain. He kept on telling me that I'm the woman in his dreams and that he was looking for me in Thailand because in his dreams he saw falls and it occurred to him that Thailand has lots of falls. Although I am from Singapore, my favorite place is Thailand and I go there every summer. To make the story short, he came to Singapore to see me and I felt I melted when I saw him, It's like that meeting had happened before and I fell in love at that very moment. That night was so magical, it's like we've known each other for a long time and I thought I was still dreaming but woke up the next day and found my cellphone ringing and he's the one calling me. This is real, I told myself! This may sound like impossible but it did happen to me. Life is full of surprises and I thank God he gave me a wonderful surprise which made me complete and happy. But do you think there's an issue of reincarnation "dejavu experience"? A touch of destiny? or simply an answered prayer.
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@vheilugto (149)
• Philippines
9 Mar 09
i was touch to your story huh! and it's really amazing to read that kind of story, DEJAVU is true, reincarnation is a big question in my mind, because one of my professor in my college day, explain it to me. if we reincarnate more than one, what if the judgement day will come, where will be your soul go? do you get my point. . so MAYBE reincarnation is not true but destiny itself, i'm pretty sure of it, that true. about thailand, how can he sure that the place he dream of is thailand, maybe that could also be on singapore. right? or any other place. but the most importance here is, you met your destiny. good to hear that my friends. . good luck . . ^_^ and i think you have to stop thinking too much because you have him now. just enjoy and love him more. okey? -wink-