Does God Still Speak?

Wooden Cross - Wooden cross
United States
March 4, 2009 8:54pm CST
Do you believe that god speaks to people today like he did in the bible? I personally have never heard a word from God. Well not a tangible voice. I have had felling that God was speaking.
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• Australia
5 Mar 09
Yes God still speak but not in voice that we could hear normally. He speaks through the bible, he speak through our inner voice... when we were praying and we just sat down quiet and listen... then you can hear Him saying words to you He speak through our friends, He speak through the kindness of others, He speak through many things.... You know when you are about to do something that you know is wrong, there is an inner voice that reminds you not to do it? That is God speaking... When you are down, or in trouble, suddenly your friend says something that makes you feel better even though he/she doesnt know your problem, that is God speaking to you... When you feel peace at heart, that is God speaking to you :) We need to learnt to Listen... to be able to hear His words :)
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• United States
5 Mar 09
Very well put easy to understand. you have given that a lot of thought. Thanks