how do you like Google Eath?

@D_fish (13)
March 5, 2009 3:12am CST
google eath is really useful,it make me go anywhere if i want~i have fund out my school,my hourse,i still fund many intereting and famous places,like the great wall,the white house.... how do you think about the Google Eath? and please share me some more interesting places~ thank you~
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• China
5 Mar 09
After seeing your post, I just tried on my computer. I totally agree with you, it is amazing. You could travell around the world indoors as long as you have a computer which get access to Internet. There are a lot of interesting place you could visit, try forbidden city, my pal, you won't be disappointed.
@D_fish (13)
• China
6 Mar 09
yes~thanks for ur post!
@amitavroy (4824)
• India
7 Mar 09
Yes my friend I have used this software and I've would say that it is one of the great software is ever made. I have passed a lot of time going through places on the globe. It is really interesting to find different places and when you are going through the roads of those places you feel so happy. I think the company did a great job in making such software is. Not only is it used for enjoyment but also I think the students can learn a lot from such an interactive software. You have a lot of options to zoom and then zoom out to different places and show them a lot of things. The geography of the students can improve a lot if they can show interest in this software. They will be able to learn a lot about the different kinds of the reins and geographical complications at different areas. Also I have seen that because of the detailing a lot of travellers can also get a lot of information from the software. If you're planning a trip you can easily track down your roads and tracks so that you can get an exact idea how you should approach 1 Particular Place. And if such a thing is there then I think it is one of the biggest invention with the use of Internet and I feel that these types of invention should be made more frequently so that we can utilise Internet for better uses more than for its negative side to stop.