BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) with Windos Vista

March 5, 2009 7:16am CST
My computer experince BSOD few months ago and can't solve this problem until i use the free windows debugging tool to analyze the mini dumps which occur after a BSOD and find out the solution. So here i share some explanation about the Windows debugging tools: Windows Debugging Tools include an application called WinDgb in which 70% of the time will return the source of the bluescreen. A mini or kernel memory dump occurs when a windows Kernel level process makes an error causing the entire OS to issue a STOP commnad, hence the blue screen. kernel level process's and different from user level process. Kernel level process run at the core of windows appearing as device drivers and other very low level software used to commuinicate with raw hardware I/O, and systems memory managment. This is commonly why most people say you have a driver issue when your computer begin experiencing STOP error
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