@reoko10 (578)
United States
March 5, 2009 7:37pm CST
Hello everyone, I wanted to know if any one out there new how much money you can make writing poems, I really good at it and I love to do it for a living but I have no Idea how to get started and I know some one out there can give a little info. I would like to be able to make enough money to pay my bill's and still have some left over to save if I could do this it would be my dream job, if any one knows any info pleas help!
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@Astraea (177)
• Sweden
6 Mar 09
For starters, you could send some of your poetry to a poetry magazine. I believe that many book and poetry publishers occasionally read those magazines, and if they like your poetry yhey'll contact you. You could always self publish, as well. Of course, it costs some money. There might be some self publishing company that only print when someone orders your book, therefore you'd only need to pay for printing when a book gets sold. I'm not too sure, though, since I don't live in USA. By visting seminars or attending writing courses, you could get in contact with someone who could help you get published. Those are unfortunately the only ways that I know of that help you get started. As for how much you earn, I suppose that depends on how many people like your poetry and thus how many actually buys your book/s. I found this site that possibly could be of help to you: http://www.emptymirrorbooks.com/publishing/poetry-careers.html . According to that site, it's very hard to be able to make a living on writing poetry, but don't let that kill your spirit. If you love poetry, you should write it. You won't lose anything by trying. I wish you well. Good luck.
@theonerm5 (365)
• United States
6 Mar 09
I really don't know how to get started doing that stuff either. But maybe mylot is a good place to start writing poems just to see what you can do and see what other people think about your poems. I'd like to have a job fixing computers but I don't know where to start either.