Physician Asssisted Suicide

charts on how many people have done it - over the years how many people have done it.
November 10, 2006 9:20am CST
Physician Assisted Suicide in my opion is wrong and i dont think that doctors should be able at the request of a ill person that may only have a little will longer to live is not there job. The last time that i checked it was a doctors job to help save lives not to help end them. Doctors are sussposed to be there to help you when you come into a hospbtail, they are not there to say well you cant stand the pain that you are in so we are going to end your life right now by doing a Physician Assisted Suicide for you. So that you dont have to suffer the little bit of life that you have in pain here or at home and have to have someone watch over you because you cant get up out of your bed without someones help. If you really wanted to die the you would find a way instead of having a doctor who is there to save your and others lives kill rather then try and find a way for you to comforntably live here on earth for the little time that you have left. Or try and find a medchine that will make you get throught the pain easyer or make your pain go for away rather then thinking that the only way that your pain will go away is if you kill yourself, when really the pain stays there and you cause loved ones more pain in the end then you would have if you would lived your life out till the time that you were meant to. The doctor can give you a time in which they think that it is the longest time that you have to live but people have proven doctors wrong by living past the day that they said that they would most likely die. When a Physician/Doctor does the Assisted Suicide they perscribe a lethal doses of controlled substances to terminally ill Oregon residents from incurable diseases likely to result in death in six months. Which means that these residents can and have the possiblity of living more then six months because as they said that they are incurable diseases likely to result in death in six months but that is only likely not 100% fact that they will die in those six months they could die before then, or they could die long after those six months have pasted, and then there are the few that actually die on the sixth month that the doctor said that they had to live. Give me your ideas on this it would really help im against it how about you?
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