I am a bit frightened!!!

March 6, 2009 6:13am CST
Next Week I am going to do my first time selling on E-Bay (Amazon Gift Card $5) and I am a bit frightened as I don't know how to properly sell a thing there...I hope there would be no payment or shipment problem (Although I am giving out the code in E-mail!).Please let me know any tips about selling on e-bay OR if anyone is interested to buy the card directly from me I would be obliged (PM me for details)
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• United States
20 Nov 10
It is a bit daunting to sell on eBay but you will be able to sell something if people want it. You can make good money on eBay if you try hard.
• Australia
6 Mar 09
Hello there. Selling on ebay can be a bit daunting at first, but only because it's something new. I first started selling just a few random items back in 2004 and I was rather nervous at first. All those sales went really easily though, and to date I've now sold about 1200 items since then and only a few of them have had problems with buyers who don't pay or aren't happy. Technically it's against ebay policy to sell electronically transferred items (something you email), so when you go to sell it, have an option available to post the item to the winning bidder - Even if you just print out the code and send that through the mail for the cost of a postage stamp. You can say within the auction that you're willing to email for free too if the buyer wants, but just to cover yourself, make a tangible way to deliver the item too. There's really nothing else to be too concerned about. Just remember to pay your ebay fees (whether the item sells or not). I wish you all the best as an ebay seller! :) - Matt