@CRIVAS (1820)
March 6, 2009 1:45pm CST
I love motorcycles. I am especially into Kawasaki bikes, there is just something about the way that they are put together that I love. I find that out of the other bikes out there, this brand brings the power and speed that I love and puts it to good use. Now while I love the look and feel of them, aside from cc's, I know nothing about them. Now my mission today is to learn something new about motorcycles. So for all of you motorcycle fans out there, I have a few questions. What is a Ninja? Who makes them? What is torque? Is lots of torque a good thing? Or a bad thing? Who is your favorite motorcycle producer? If you could have any kind of bike, what kind of bike would you buy? Personally for me I would have to go with a Kawasaki 450 KLX. Lots of speed and power but controllable for a girl of my stature.
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