Did you ever have a piggy bank

March 6, 2009 3:39pm CST
i used to have a piggy bank when i was young, my father used to give me coins to put in it. I used to love to collect then break it once its full
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• United States
8 Mar 09
I had a lot of different piggy banks when I was a kid. One of the first banks I can remember having was a giant plastic crayon. Those were pretty much all over dollar stores when I was a kid so it's not surprising that I eventually got one. People would give me change all the time to put into it. Change that I found on the ground was also put into the bank. The bank was just about as tall as I was. I can't remember ever cashing in the money for things. I'm sure I did, I just can't remember doing it. I also actually had real piggy banks. I had a ceramic white pig that had a flower like design on it. It had a rubber stopper on the bottom of it where I could take my change out of it.
@cndn420 (2062)
• Canada
7 Mar 09
when i was younger i had a piggy bank, my parents always put coins in there for me. its a pink furry piggy and so cute! i still have it but i don't use it, its too small to use for me now LOL so i figure i'll save it for my child when i have one (im only 24 so its gonna be a while LOL)
• India
7 Mar 09
i use to have a piggy bank when i was small and i use to deposit some money over there and when my parents were in the need of those coins they would break before me and take the money , but now i am not using it and i like to use it .It is always great fun to save money in the bank , but now many young children are not using it , we must promote it among young children as we can mold them and tell them about the importance of savings
@uicbear (1903)
• United States
6 Mar 09
I never had a real piggy bank that you had to bust open to get the money out of. What we did have was this big, blue, plastic Cookie Monster (the blue fuzzy muppet from Sesame Street that loves cookies). I think it was atleast 2 feet tall. We would put family loose change in there and someitmes some dollars from chores. I don't think we ever managed to fill the whole thing, though. We'd usually get impatient for something, a game or treat, that we wanted to buy and pull the plug out from the bottome and spend what we had.
@xboxboy (5578)
6 Mar 09
i had one as well. it had a slot in it's belly that removed the money. i bought a piggy bank with my savings.
@arcidy (5016)
• United States
6 Mar 09
I never had a piggy bank before but I do have a coin bank. Where I put in my coins and it calculates it. Since i usally save my coins whenever I get a drink or anything. Ive made a lot of money doing that. Once I saved more then $100 from saving coins even though it took a long time.