Naruto: Hinata Dead or alive?

March 6, 2009 4:43pm CST
hey guys if u read naruto manga then what do u think is hinata dead or not?? and do u think naruto will be able to control 6 tails
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@KamiHo (80)
• Portugal
7 Jul 09
my oppinion is that Naruto will never be fun if naruto does end up with hinata. She is in a really bad condition but when the 5 kage saga ends up naruto will talk to her and then he will start to fall in love with her. Naruto will learn with Killer Bee how to control the Nine Tailed Fox.
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• Philippines
13 Mar 09
Hinata is still alive but she is in very bad condition. I don't think Naruto can control the kyubi in 6 tailed form. but in the latest manga chapter he was already in 8 tails and almost in 9 tails when the 4th hokage yondaime (his father) appeared in his consciousness. I'm really excited for the next manga chapter.
• India
13 Mar 09
yah man i read the latest manga seriously man i cant wait to read the next manga 4th hokage oh man they r gonna reveal his story