When was your last family reunion?

@taface412 (3177)
United States
March 6, 2009 6:14pm CST
Mine is definitely due for one...it's been close to five years. So when was yours? And where do you pick where it will be?
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• United States
23 Mar 09
On my mothers side of the family we have a family reunion every year. It's always in august. It's really nice to get to see family that live out of town & you dont normally get to see.
• Singapore
18 Mar 09
well, my last maternal reunion was during chinese new year, back in late january =D but as for my paternal side, we gather for dinner almost every saturday. i would say that im closer to my paternal side more than my maternal side =0
@Margarit (3677)
• Philippines
15 Mar 09
I cant remember the exact date about it, but i attended our family reunion 10 years ago. It was our first and last reunion we have in the father side, i can say it was almost 95 percent complete. My cousin living from other countries came to attend the family reunion gathering. It is very amazing experience for i was able to meet and talk to them personally. In my mother side, we have unplanned reunion last 2 years ago, we siblings plan to have vacation to the birth place of my mother and there we find out that all of my cousin from other part of the countries and even in abroad is having vacation to that place. So my Grand father decided to have a family reunion so we will know each other. I just hope we will still have another reunion again.
• Singapore
8 Mar 09
My last reunion was during new year dinner, which is like 3 months ago. However, dont think we really talk a lot, more of gathering around to finish the food. Think a good reunion is one that can promote communication between the family members. Probably over a long car ride, a leisure travel trip or simply lying around in the living room without the tv on. Somehow its kinda difficult to find that moment of good reunion, but my best family reunion is always those unplanned, informal ones. Those that are when we are at our most relaxed hours, leisurely spending our time at the living room, and engaging each other on our daily lives.
@cindyhxf (1447)
• China
7 Mar 09
my last family reunion was last month. i seldom met them before cause i work another city.it really good feeling for reunion.made my heart warm again and the strong feeling that i have them in heart always,but maybe friends or love not forever.
@ElicBxn (60884)
• United States
7 Mar 09
lessee, the last time the family got together was in 1985 that was mom's side, don't think there's ever been dad's side