to live

March 6, 2009 9:54pm CST
hi,guys.i'm back!! nearly half a year,i didn't log in mylot. i don't know what are you interested in now. here,i'd like to pretend a movie“to live". it's a very famous film directed by Yimou Zhang who had also directed the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony. it told a very sad story?the male title role Fugui(acted by You Ge) once was a landlord.he liked to bet and at last evrything he owned belonged to anotherone. however just because of this case,he survived later. you know,once in the way of developing China,CPC leader chairman Mao had made some mistakes.the movie is on this background.Fugui's son died.his daughter also died. it's really difficult to describe the movie very clearly. i just suggest all of you to have a must will learn a lot. to me,i got the idea that no matter how terrible the life would be i will struggle to live,no matter what bad things happened on me i will never give up. hope makes life worth living.
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