Is having just one woman enough??

@tomysole (457)
United States
March 7, 2009 2:55am CST
I find it hard to believe that God created us men to be chained down to one women. I feel it goes against nature to only have one mate. What do you all think?
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@aerous (13474)
• Philippines
6 Oct 09
My friend, one woman is enough. Don't add more because all of them have the same hole. If you are married be faithful your partner...have a nice day!
@benallos (88)
• Philippines
9 Mar 09
One woman to satisfy by a man is enough. But sometimes temptation is around the corner and a person is tempted to flirt to another woman. And goes with the diseases. And Cream97 is right about the diseases going around these days. In our laws and religion, you are only entitled to one woman. Except only if you are an Arab or a Muslim in which you will have a lot of money to have more than one woman.
@tea512 (687)
• United States
7 Mar 09
I think you are right on one level that if you do not go out and try to be with multiple woman before you settle down eventually you will have to scratch that itch. I think that becuase i spent the early part of my years trying to nail everything that moved, when I finally found one person i wanted to settle down with, it is no longer a need to chase others. This is atleast what I can say so far.
@cream97 (29166)
• United States
7 Mar 09
Yes, having one woman is enough for a man or a woman. There are too many diseases going around. And it would be wise if a man stick with only one woman at one time. If he gets too tired of her, he needs to let her know, and then depart. But, having too many women can cause problems. It depends on what you mean though.. It is best to stick with only one..